Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Savislin Bible Software

Peace be with you all.

It's been quite a long time since any activity occurred at Savislin. Today I am privileged to inform you that plans have been made for the release of the Savislin Bible Software.

As some of you may already know, the Savislin software was proposed to be released last year but we had a hard time getting dedicated developers to join the project. Now the stage is set and we believe the software programme would soon be out.

The Savislin Bible Software helps to attain the core aim of Savislin. We want to win souls for Christ by making His word freely available to everyone and we know in this digital age, we have good chances of achieving that. We are working very hard to make sure that the word of God is easily accessible to all people on earth in their own heart language. We want everyone to have the Bible available free of charge without finding any difficulties when it comes to accessibility. This means that we are tailored to serve all mankind including the physically challenged and even illiterates.

As we are working on what we call the "Cloud Bible Project", we hope to serve all devices that can access the cloud (Internet access) with Bible content, and in the the near future we expect to have  God's word on virtually all devices (even without Internet connection).

We have the goal in mind to house Bible content in text, audio, video, sign language, and in many more ways, so that all can read about Jesus, listen to Jesus, see Jesus, and even encounter Jesus. With this goal in mind we have successfully partnered with other Christian organisations who share the same or similar aim. We want us all to get close to God and learn from Him, and by this we are devising strategies to unite all true Christians who believe that Jesus is the son of God, and who believe in His commandment to love. This would mean that all such Christians would have the chance to teach and learn from each other just by sharing Bible notes when studying the Bible and can even go beyond that.

Savislin is ecumenical.

One may ask how illiterates would be able to benefit from the Savislin Bible Software if they know nothing about software. The interesting thing is that someone who cannot read and write is able to receive a phone call and talk with another person in their own heart language. This should make us understand that the Savislin platform is not only designed to work on smartphones and fast computers, but also on little cheap devices like mp3 players that you and I can get for such people, in order that they can encounter Christ and talk with Him in prayers at the same time.

If one cannot see, he shall hear Jesus and he will see. If one cannot hear, Jesus shall speak in sign language and he shall hear. If one seeks to see Jesus, it shall be so. Our human limitations cannot limit our encounter with the Creator.  We know that God is at work, and for us at Savislin, we have totally submitted ourselves to be used at honourable vessels of our Creator.

We shall speak to you again about the Savislin Bible Software, but for the time being, let's all pray for God's Kingdom.

God's Word. By all means - Savislin.

Lord. Come.
The grace of God be with us all.

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