Monday, 25 May 2015


Delali - a servant of God and of Christ Jesus. To all who are willing to hear the truth.
Peace be with you all.

Before Jesus would ascend to heaven, He promised a Holy Spirit. He gave authority to His disciples to continue His ministry. It was not an easy task, but by the help of the promised Holy Spirit the disciples accomplished their work, and the Church was born.

I want us all to remember what I spoke concerning Israel at the beginning of this year. How I spoke about the desolation of Jerusalem as described in the Bible. I made mention that Jerusalem would be attacked and laid waste again until the time of their enemies are fulfilled (as Jesus had said) - and that is the devil's plan. But is that all the devil has for the world? I again said that 2015 begins the end of the end time, and I didn't give any biblical reason for that. It was because I myself did not understand why. I only wrote to you what I heard from the Holy Spirit. I myself sought to understand why, and now I have known why. God is going to bring us our salvation soon, but before that, what the prophets, apostles, and Christ Jesus said about the end of the world must first be fulfilled.

I have so yearned to give you a complete biblical reference about the things I wrote to you, but thus far have I been prevented. I belive I would be given permission to do that soon, but for now I want to tell you the plans Satan has for the Church, particularly the Catholic Church.

I am speaking the TRUTH in Christ Jesus. I am not telling lies. I know, and I believe the Spirit of God is bearing witness with my spirit that these things are true. And if they are not true, then I pray the TRURH himself prevents me from deploying this message. Amen.

The Catholic church is not an evil church as many have been thinking. I tell you this, that if the Catholic Church were evil, then all the other churches are also evil - believe me or not. Know that Satan is a fool before Jehovah God Almighty, but to men, he is very crafty and deceptive. Without the spirit of God among men can the devil deceive us. Now if the Catholic Church were so evil as some of you think, have you not also considered your Church? Can you prove before the Lord that your holiness exceeds the holiness of over a billion people? Are you the one who started the Church to know it's fate, or have you even known it's history, as well as where your church comes from?

Now I am not speaking these things as one favouring the Church. I tell you the truth, and ask you to bear with the truth. Jesus made us know that a student is not greater than his teacher or a servant, his master. But a student can be like his teacher, and the servant like his master. Before you can prove a doctrine of a church wrong, YOU MUST FIRST BE INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND LEAEN FROM THEM. I want you to know that what you may think is wrong can be your correction. The one you think is evil can be your savior, and what you have not yet understood and condemn can condemn you. In saying these things I want you to have a clear and impartial thinking and no judgement on anyone.

The days have come when Satan is about to invade the Church. Satan, thrown down from heaven after the SECOND HEAVENLY WAR was angry and pursued to attack the Church, but the church was protected by God so that Satan could not destroy it. Satan had no other option but to do what he did to the Israelites at the time of the law, and the prophets. He has succeeded in driving away many Christians from the God who protects them, and succeeded in deceiving church leaders to teach false doctrines. By so doing he now has majority of Christians at his side - most of whom are unconscious to this effect.

Even with majority of Christians on the side of Satan, he cannot still destroy the minority. SATAN NEEDS THE MINORITY ALSO TO TOTALY DEFILE THE CHURCH. The few elect Christians are very powerful, not that it is they, by their will or power, but that the spirit of Jehovah Almighty is with them. Satan cannot destroy them. Not even suffering can penetrate through these select Christians. They are truthful, holy, prayerful, steadfast, filled with love, and observe God's laws by the Holy Spirit of God. Yet in all these things, there is one weak point that many of these select few Christians do not know, and that is being unaware of the times and seasons that couples with events in the Church. SATAN NEEDS THE MINORITY ALSO TO TOTALY DEFILE THE CHURCH. IT IS THE FEW PRAYERFUL CHRISTIANS IN THE CHURCH THAT HAS KEPT THE CHURCH FROM FALLING, IF THEY ARE NOT KEEPING AWARENESS OF THE TIMES, AND SEASONS, AND EVENTS IN THE CHURCH ( THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN PARTICULAR ), IT SHALL FALL TO THE HANDS OF THE REBELLION.

I am not telling lies. But I speak only what I have been inspired by the Holy Spirit of God.

Satan cannot do any thing to the church now, but after God has spoken again to Israel (the world) pronouncing warning - after the last blood moon in the blood moon tetrad, Satan would attack Israel head-on and invade the Church - beginning with the Catholic Church. This I tell you, Satan has tried from the beginning to completely destroy the Catholic Church but have made only little progress. Now he has worked hard to blind even the elect in the church and including most church leaders, in that they fail to see the danger that is ahead of the church, and that is why the devil is so confident in what he is about to do.

Now the apostles were those that Jesus appointed to start the church. They thought us what they also heard and believed from the HOLY SPIRIT. They did not give us any new commandment but that which already was given. One big sin the Church can commit against God is to accept going CONTRARY TO NARURE - SAME SEX MARRIAGES. JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY DID NOT TEACH US TO DO THAT, AND THE TRUTH AND THE SPIRIT, AND ALL THE FIRST APOSTLES OF THE TRUTH ARE WITNESSES TO THIS THING. It is one of the greatest weapons Satan has, to invade the Church, and if even the elect are not aware of this, they shall also fall.

The invasion begins with the Catholic Church. I refer to the Catholic Church as THE CHURCH. Why? Because it is from the Catholic Church many of the other churches came from. Please bear with me. If the Catholic Church is fallen, many other churches would easily fall. You can ask the Spirit of God why, or keep it as a mystery until you see it happen. Yet I cannot tell you why it is so. Please, some things are said, and are not explained to all but to a remnant.

The DEMONIC INVITATION OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH would couple with the struggles of Israel.

We don't know who would win, Satan, or THE CHURCH. But as for Israel, it shall fall until the times of their enemies ( the gentiles ) are over.

Therefore, PRAY FOR THE CHURCH. PRAY FOR THE LEADERS OF THE CHURCH. THEY NEED US TO HELP THEM IN PRAYER. PRAY FOR THE POPE. HE IS MAN, DOING THE WORK OF GOD. SATAN WANTS HIM. PRAY FOR HIM. THE CHURCH IS ABOUT TO BE INVADED. PRAY THUS FOR ALL. When I heard this from the Lord, I did not understand it. It was until He sent to me a dear sister who told me her encounter that I began to remember and understand what he God had been speaking about. I myself have had such encounters long ago, and I know the Lord God is in action.


Concerning the things about why 2015 is the beginning of the end of the end time, I shall write to you again, but to help you to learn on your own from the Bible, and for the time being, know this:

2015 is exactly 3,500 years since God led the Israelies through Joshua into Canaan - the promise land in 1416 BC. This is exactly 70 jubilees 1367 BC to AD 2015. The 70th jubilee also falls on the Jewish festival Sukkot, and on the same day there would be the last blood moon in the 5774 (2014) - 5775 (2015) blood moon tetrad. IS THIS NOT AMAZING?

I - Delali, am very happy. Because the city of God is coming. The new Jerusalem. Jesus is coming. Soon.

Lord. Come.
The grace of God be with us all.

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