Monday, 13 April 2015


Delali- a servant of God and of Christ Jesus. To all who are willing to hear the TRUTH. Peace be to you all.

I tell you now, that the children of God are UTILISING technology in order to make available the word of God to everyone. Very soon, every person would hear God's word in their own heart language.

By the help of the Holy Spirit, the children of God are partnering together to create systems that would send the word of God to every person in this world. With the effectiveness, and power of platforms like the DIGITAL BIBLE PLATFORM, Bible content is now made available to over 5 billion people around the world.

Many bible societies, and Christian organisations are working hard to reach this goal, and Savislin is not left out of it. Very soon, Savislin would release their website and software application which would house Bible tools and contents, made available by faith comes by hearing's DIGITAL BIBLE PLATFORM.

We looking for people who share in this aim, and who are ready to serve God with all their heart. We are doing this so that together, we can reach the whole world with God's word. We would by all means make sure everyone has access to God's word and we will work hard to achieve this.

Furthermore, I want us all who are believers in Christ Jesus to pray hard and seek the Holy Spirit. You should not be alarmed if you see people around the world accessing God's word in their mother tongue with ease. Expect God's word in your own language on mobile phones, smart TV's, on the web, on radio, in your pocket, on CD and DVD discs, in space :), I mean to say, by all means.

God's promise to the world is in fulfilment, and THERE IS NO LIMIT TO DEPLOYING HIS WORD.

God's word. By all means.
- Savislin.

Lord. Come.
The grace of God be with all.

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