Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Delali - a servant of God and of Christ Jesus. To all who are willing to hear the TRUTH. Peace be to you all.

I write this message to you in hope that you will talk to me in peace if you disagree, or help me in sharing it if you agree.

This message is intentionally written without any biblical reference. It is written to both  believers and non-believers in Christ Jesus.

It is in itself a biblical reference.


In the beginning, all things were good. The Creator was pleased with His creation and He saw that it was nice. One of His sons - Lucifer, was jealous of His majesty. He wanted to be king, and by so doing rebelled against the Creator with a third of the heavenly host.

The Creator was very powerful to destroy these rebellions, but by his power, He created a new angel he called MICHAEL (ONE WHO LOOKS LIKE GOD) whose aim was to drive Lucifer out of heaven. It happened after a very serious fight that Lucifer and his angels were thrown out of heaven.  THAT WAS THE FIRST HEAVENLY WAR.

The devil had no where to fall from heaven than the Creator's own garden - earth. Lucifer, who was now the Devil (rebellion) saw that the creators garden was nice and threatened to destroy it. He saw man in the garden and thought that if the Creator had told man to be fruitful and multiply, then one day they will become many and worship the Creator, and he wanted that -  He wanted to be King.

Man knew the creator to be the only God in the universe. They were told everything to do and not to do by He who created them. God loved them so much and He showed it. The devil - who is Satan deceived man into thinking he would become like God if he disobeyed him. God was not happy with man and had to fulfil his promise. He is not a lying God, for He  told man and his wife that they will live forever in the garden if they obey Him, but die on the very day they disobey Him - for there was both man and woman in the garden. So after man disobeyed God, his promise to man was fulfilled.

Men had multiplied and become many on the earth, and because of the devil's existence there, sin was abound. Even when God cleared the whole world off sin by flooding it and saving the animals and those who were righteous in His eyes, sin continued to spread among men because they found the desire of sin appealing to the grace they could receive from their Creator. This happened for sometime, but God once again found one man who in His sight was righteous - Abraham. He loved Abraham very much that he made a promise to Abraham to make his sons as many as the stars in the skies. He promised Abraham a Nation. And that happened after the people of the promise were released by God from bondage by the FIRST WORLD POWER - EGYPT.

God made many promises with these people. They were Jewish people, and many of them believed in God. But their enemies were against them. Many nations around them wanted their Kingdom. They wanted to be kings over the people. They are the people of Israel. God's people, and Satan knows that if he takes rulership over God's people, then he would have taken the whole world, for God was the creator of the world. So Satan tried very much in conquering Israel but failed, for God loved His people.

Satan then thought that, he could not attack Israel with force when his own creator was behind them, so he devised plans to make the people of Israel who were God's people to rebel against God so that they will become more sinful. Satan thought he was succeeding in his plan when God allowed him to attack and overcome Israel in many battles, for God had told Israel that if they sin against Him, he will allow their enemies to rule over them. Satan thought wrong, for God had his own plans for His people Israel.

Israel was taken down and came under the rulership of the SECOND WORLD POWER - SYRIA for God's word had to be fulfilled since they rebelled against God again by sinning.

God loved His people so much that, He made them a very significant promise. He said to them through the prophets that, there would be a Messiah who would put to end all that they were going through. One who will save them from their enemies and will be their eternal king. One whose Kingdom shall never end and who will overcome sin in the world by destroying the devil once and for all.

The people of Israel waited on and on but no Messiah came. God only sent them prophets to teach them His ways for He was waiting for the appointed time to send them the Messiah, but because of their sinful passions they killed many of those prophets who also came to testify about the Messiah. By that, they were still overcome and under the rulership of the THIRD WORLD POWER - BABYLON, who were concurred by the FORTH WORLD POWER - MEDO-PERSIA, and who were in turn concurred by THE FIFTH WORLD POWER - GREECE who were also concurred by the SITXTH WORLD POWER - THE ROMANS. All these were known as world powers not just because they concurred each other, but mainly because they were kings over Israel.

At the time the Romans were rulers over the people of Israel, the promised Messiah came, but because of lack of wisdom his own people did not recognise Him. He was Jesus. The son of God. Satan was so pleased that the one who will come and save the people was hated by the people. Jesus found a few people who believed in him and made them His disciples. Everything prophesied about Jesus came to pass and Jesus thought the people so much that, he explained what will happen at the end of the world and when all kingdoms will cease to exist apart from His kingdom. Those who for sin sake, did not believe Him, but a few did believe Him and knew He was the Messiah - the son of God.

Even Satan himself did not understand why Jesus said he will come a second time and set up his Kingdom, when he could do it at that time. He thought Jesus was not ready, so he planned to kill Him so that He would leave the world for him hoping that he could win more souls and overcome Jesus when he comes that second time. Satan set up the death of Jesus by Jesus' own people. Satan was very very happy that he had killed the one that God said will come and destroy his Kingdom and himself, but that happiness was very very short. After the death of Jesus, He rose up again on the third day as it was spoken of Him by God through the prophets and Satan knew that. Satan was so angry to have realised that, the death of Jesus was God's will. He was so much enraged in anger that JESUS WAS THE FIRST TO ARISE FROM THE DEAD AND THE FIRST TO SAVE MAN. Sin came to whole word by the blood of one man's disobedience and sin - Adam, for that is the name of the first man. After Jesus' death, all men have thus had the chance to be saved from sin by the blood of one man's obedience and righteousness - Jesus, who is Christ of all.

Jesus Christ overcame sin when he was killed on the cross. Because His blood was pure and innocent, and thus was not legible to be killed, even death could not overcome him because death was for sinners as God promised to Adam in the garden. So since a non-sinful man was killed to sin, He overcame sin in the flesh so that He can save all those who were in sin and who believed in Him - the concurrer of sin and death.

God is a marvelous and wonderful God in that, all His sons could go to Him and talk to Him, and Satan was not excluded - despite his sins. Satan used that opportunity sometime after JESUS CHRIST WAS ASCENDED INTO HEAVEN, to gather all his demons and evil spirits and went to heaven for a SECOND HEAVENLY WAR.
Again, Satan was seriously beaten and driven out of heaven and it was declared that SATAN HAS NO PLACE IN HEAVEN AGAIN, AND WOE TO THE EATH FOR HE HAD COME DOWN IN GREAT WRATH FOR HE KNOWS HIS TIME IS BUT SHORT.

Satan, angered by his defeat in heaven tricked world leaders into fighting each other which caused a FIRST WORLD WAR. Satan by that, hoped to inflict suffering on those who believed in Jesus Christ and of whom were called Christians. The Christians were formed with the Jews who believed in Jesus Christ, and also by all the rest of humans who had heard about Jesus and believe in Him - the pagans. Jesus himself through his apostles formed this religion which is known as the CHRISTIAN FAMILY by many. Satan did not only make the Christians suffer from the first world war, but he tormented the Jews also, for even though many of the Jews had not believed in Jesus Christ, God still loved them because they were His people and His promise to Abraham.

The first world war began the end time that Jesus preached about when he was in the world. It was in the year 1914 when the devil caused this war on the inhabitants of the earth and from that time, there had been many suffering especially amongst the Christians and Jews, for no other religions persecution could be compared to that of Jews and Christians. The Roman empire was the only world power that was not defeated in anger nor in battle. For after the first world war that began in 1914, many people have wanted peace.  Around that time there came the SEVENTH WORLD POWER - ANGLO-AMERICA.

Kings of the world (world leaders) tried to make peace but it all failed for only the true King of kings can bring peace. This is unknown to those who do not believe in Jesus Christ. By that, there was a SECOND WORLD WAR. After that, there were many wars and rumors of wars. Nations rose against nations and Kingdoms against kingdoms. There were plagues, pestilences, and diseases in many places. The were famines and thus hunger. Satan knew his time of rulership in this world was short and he worked so hard to win himself souls in order to withstand Jesus Christ when He comes the second time.


Now after 100 years (October 2014) of prophecies being fulfilled and after the FIRST WORLD WAR, THE BEGINNING OF THE END HAS COME. God speaks to the whole world through the moon, for 2 blood moons appeared in the skies on two Jewish festivals. And on the 101 year after the first world war the same thing will happen. Two blood moons all on the same Jewish festivals as before.

After the second blood moon appears in September 2015, there will be some kind of chaos in the middle east involving Israel - the one and only Jewish nation.

This will raise concerns in all the world and will escalate into many different wars. Satan is at work here and all who try to stop any war with military activities (except) Satan himself shall fail.

This would give rise to a call of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (a king to have some kind of control on all kings). This is the rebellions plan (a one world system of things - including all religions) that he can use to become the fake and false king of kings. This is because many will see the one world government the solution to the world's problems.

This would also give rise to the ANTICHRIST who WILL BE A ruler in this one world system, and who would make an agreement with Israel for 7 years to protect them from any nations attacks. This will seem to be working until three and a half years into the seven year plan that the ANTICHRIST will reveal himself as the ANTICHRIST - which means AGAINST CHRIST. That is when many will now understand that Jesus was truly the Christ and that is when many of the Jews will seek salvation in Christ Jesus (remember God's promise to Abraham). But when that happens, the world will be in trouble. For Jesus Christ said that "such will be the worst time since the world began and never will there be anything like that again".

Satan will appoint the antichrist as his son and a false prophet as his holy spirit - that is the false trinity. Satan wants to be the king of kings.

After the first three and a half years into the seven year plan with the world (Israel),  THE ANTICHRIST WILL GO TO ISRAEL AND SET HIMSELF ON THE JEWISH THRONE EXALTING HIMSELF AS GOD AND DEMANDING TO BE WORSHIPPED - THAT IS THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATON (THE AWFUL HONOR) for he will make desolate the regular burnt sacrifices offered to God in the Jewish temple.


Those who believe in Jesus Christ will not accept this mark and they will not be able to buy or sell. Many today think that the mark of the false prophet is of monetary nature and Satan is forming a way to make people use a one world system of buying and selling. The believers of Jesus Christ will willingly suffer for the KINGDOM OF GOD. Some of them will die by fire and captivity. At that time, Satan will try to shut up the WORD OF GOD (BIBLE). That is when the Christians will understand very well these biblical words

Around that time (nobody knows when except God the Creator), Jesus Christ will come. Those who believe in Him and LIVED ACCORDING TO HIS WILL will find their salvation on that day. Jesus Christ will come with a loud trumpet call by a mighty angel, and everyone on earth and under the earth will see Him. There will be a harvest of the righteous who have believed in Jesus Christ in a rapture along with both the living and the dead into the clouds where Jesus will be standing.  The sinners of this world and those who did not believe in Jesus Christ, and all those who DID NOT LIVE ACCORDING TO HIS WILL,  will hide from Him. Jesus will send His people (those whom He raptued from the earth and all the saints) to a place He had already prepared for them so that they will be safe. God's wrath will then be poured on all the remaining souls on earth. They will suffer so much and curse God. That is God's wrath on the world.

There will be celebration in heaven. The saints, and the angels, and all the true servants of God including all those who truly believed in Jesus Christ and were ruptured will sing praises to God the Almighty and worship Him. Satan will be in the world. Meanwhile back on earth the antichrist and the false prophet will prepare for war by gathering all the kings (rulers) of the world for battle. They will gather up at the mountain of Megiddo which in Hebrew is called Armageddon and make themselves ready to fight Jesus Christ when He comes to take the earth from them.

Heaven will open, and One who is called the Word of God shall be seen on a white horse. His robe would have been dipped in the blood of His martyrs, and His eyes will be like flaming fire. Out of his mouth will come a sharp two edged sword with which He would use to destroy the nations. On His robe and on His thigh will be written a name - King of kings, and Lord of lords. This will be the last and final war on earth. Jesus Christ who is the rider on the white horse will come out of heaven with the heavenly army. All of them arrayed in pure white linen. They will come and fight the antichrist and the false prophet who have the power of Satan. At the end, victory will be for God. Jesus Christ and His army will defeat the kings of the earth and their armies, and they will capture the antichrist and the false prophet who have deceived the world. These two will be thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with fire and sulphur and of which has been prepared for Satan and his angels. The rest of the army of the devil will be killed by the sharp two edged sword that comes out from the mouth of Jesus Chist who is the King of kings.

Satan will also be captured after the war, but he will be chained and locked up in a buttonless pit for a thousand years. Then those who have been ruptured by Jesus Christ and all those who had not received the mark of the false prophet will come to life. They will all be judged and deemed worthy and they will live with Christ for the thousand years that Satan has been locked. Satan was locked so that he cannot deceive these righteous people. After these thousand years are over (keep in mind that a thousand years on earth is like a day before God), Satan would be released from his prison and he would go with an army who are many and surround the Kingdom of God - the Holy city where the righteous will live forever. But Jesus Christ has already won all fights, for fire will come down from heaven and consume them. And Satan - the devil will be captured and thrown into the lake of fire where the antichrist and the false prophet were. And they all will be tormented DAY and NIGHT forever and ever.

There will be judgement. All those who had died will be judged. The righteous - those who did not accept the mark of the false prophet on their forehead or on their right hand and all who were killed on account of the testimony of Jesus will not be part of this judgement, for they had already been judged and deemed worthy. Those who will be judged will be shown their wrong deeds and all be deemed unworthy. God said that those who win victory to righteousness will be His children, and He would be their God. But as for the cowardly (those who fear to speak the truth), the faithless, the perverts (those who change the truth), the immoral, those who practice magic, those who worship idols, and all liars - the place for them is the lake burning with fire and sulphur which is the second death. Those are the Creators words and it shall all come to pass. Death itself and all who are in the world of the dead will be deemed unworthy and thrown into the lake of fire - this is known as the second death. The second death has no power over those who resurrected.


After all these, heaven and earth will pass away. There will be a new heaven and a new earth. And there would be on earth the city of the Lord Jesus Christ. That city is Jerusalem - which is called the bride of Jesus. God Himself would live with man in this place. There will no longer be death or crying or sorrow or hunger anymore. Everything will be made new, and all shall worship God. Man would live forever with God and His son Jesus Christ. It would be a privilege to live with God and Christ Jesus. We shall forever be called sons of God. This is the Glory that Jesus Christ shares with us.


Lord. Come.
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.

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